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Name:Kitty to Karen
Birthdate:Jul 25
Who am I?

You may call me K, or Mochi, depending on your preference.

K is an abbreviation for my first name, which I use as my name for all creative endeavors, such as drawing, animation, and writing.

Mochi is a Japanese rice snack. It became my nickname as an extension of the name Mo. Mo was my nickname thanks to a summer camp friend; hers was Bunny. It turned to Mochi thanks to a boyfriend, who thought Mo wasn't cute enough alone. Luckily, I think mochi are tasty.

I like to learn languages and travel. Current count of languages studied is at 4 (if you count Latin). Count of countries visited is somewhere in the area of 12. I lived in Japan for 4 months from February to May of 2009, and hope to go back.

I like fannish things such as comics, strange TV shows, movies, books, video games and music. I also cosplay, make fanart, and make icons when I find the time.

My home town is Cambridge, MA, USA. I had a love-hate relationship with the place as a kid, leading me to adopt Boston, MA, USA as my first true home, but these days I think Cambridge is pretty much awesome. Boston rocks too. Actually, MA is pretty much just great.

I am cisgendered female, pansexual, and polyamorous.

Why am I here?

I am hoping to make new connections over here on Dreamwidth, and to find people who are fun to interact with, and be creative with. Especially I'd like to meet people who might be interested in collaborating on comics/books/video/animation.

I'd also like to meet people who speak my foreign languages! So, if you speak Japanese, Spanish, Italian, or Latin (maybe?), come talk to me!

What's in my journal?
My journal consists mainly of public posts, with some filtering for sensitive or explicit content.

Things that are posted include:
  • Reflections on life experience: From polyamory and sexuality to developing skills as an anti-racism activist and ally.
  • Art/writing: Comics, stories, animations, pictures, etc., both original and fan work. I won't share everything ever, but I'll post things I want feedback on, or feel were especially successful. I'll also use this blog as a place to look for collaborators, to discuss the creative process, and art in general.
  • Travel related blogging: I travel a lot, and while I do write a travel blog as well, I might post about my journeys on here sometimes.
  • General fandom: What I'm currently reading, watching, or listening to; questions about fandom; reviews, fan works, rants and raves.

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